Establishing rapport was one of our objectives for this exposure. And the best possible way to present ourselves was through a courtesy call. We woke up early on a busy Monday to get ready for the event. With our freshly ironed coats, neat frat shirts and tidied hair, we greeted the Barangay Officials with delight as we lined up for the routine flag ceremony. We sang our hearts out and felt the spirit of patriotism course through our veins. Watching the Philippine flag being raised on the silver lining made us ponder on the enormity of uplifting the nation with our own hands. Of course, it would only be possible with the cooperation of all.

Hon. Nolan G. Valero Sr., the Barangay Chairman introduced us in front of the other Barangay Officials and constituents. It was at this point that we felt proud carrying the name of our school. However, the pressure substantially loaded as well. Nevertheless, we have to keep our palpable smiles and respectable presence in the eyes of the locals. They were very supportive of our laid down agenda, earning us merit judging from their warm acceptance and hospitable nature. It did not take up much time before we arranged for a photo op with the stake holders of the community. They were considered the key people whenever we need to conduct an activity in the area so they bear significance during our stay.

After the formalities, the Barangay Kagawads requested for their blood pressures to be checked. Since all of us were trained during our premed degree, we humbly accepted their incitement. We took our sphygmomanometer and stethoscopes to use with the best of our abilities. Part of which is teaching them about healthy diet and lifestyle to incorporate into their daily living. Being caught in a blaze of political schemes and propagandas, Barangay Lourmah’s officials should also look out for their well-being.

We were lucky to be a part of this team, anew-found family that will help all of us grow into the future doctors we yearn to be. Just like how Eleanor Roosevelt worded, “People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously. This is how character is built.”


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